Saturday, November 21, 2009


In an attempt to find a location to shoot this piece, I came upon my roommate's closet. I really like the space, and I started playing with clothes. The short clips below is what I've come up with so far. I know it is not new and original but I LOVE it. I'm wondering if it is a different piece, though. I am continuing to shoot this evening/tomorrow and we'll see if the original piece and these ideas are tied together or not. Sigh...

PLEASE ignore the underwear. I was playing with costume ideas.... "underwear in a closet" but I'm going to wear shorts because it is a little too much for me to watch myself in underwear as I edit. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Split Frame

Hello all,

Another post from me and my work/struggle with this piece :) I was unable to rehearse last week because I caught a cold, so this is footage from two weeks ago. I'm playing with which perspectives to use and how to edit them together. Below you will find split screen and an edited sequence. I decided to try NOT looking at the camera. Please ignore the off-center positioning of the split screen, as I just threw it together quickly so I could post it on the blog. Also the light/color is poor, again because I'm just playing with body/camera movement right now. I'm curious to get feedback about which sequence is more interesting to watch. I like both for different reasons. The split screen allows the viewer to go back and forth as they chose, and the edited sequence feels like it reveals what is happening a bit more slowly. 

Also, after a lot of going back and forth about whether or not to include the camera as part of the duet, I think I like it without. Below is the split screen I edited WITH the camera. It just seems sort of blah and redundant to me. "Of course that is what you are doing with the camera in order to get those interesting shots with the body, Ally!" I don't know, though, maybe not? Maybe seeing the camera is what is interesting and different about this "duet". The choreography is so clunky with the camera, I just don't find it interesting to watch. Here it is anyway, though. I'd be curious to get some outside opinions on whether or not the camera should be SEEN as part of the final film. Maybe it is revealed at the end? 

Also, I'm starting to think about LOCATION and COSTUME. Obviously right now I'm rehearsing in a studio with rehearsal clothes, but I'm at the point where I need to start practicing in the space where I will be shooting, so please comment with any suggestions you have! I'm thinking since it is such an intimate perspective on the body (via Ari's comments) I will try shooting in a "home" space (living room, etc.) which might reveal a type of voyeurism. My only other thoughts now are either an outside space (stereotypical and not supportive of the content?) or a neutral space (not enough narrative support as to WHY this dance film is happening?).  Please leave comments!