Saturday, November 21, 2009


In an attempt to find a location to shoot this piece, I came upon my roommate's closet. I really like the space, and I started playing with clothes. The short clips below is what I've come up with so far. I know it is not new and original but I LOVE it. I'm wondering if it is a different piece, though. I am continuing to shoot this evening/tomorrow and we'll see if the original piece and these ideas are tied together or not. Sigh...

PLEASE ignore the underwear. I was playing with costume ideas.... "underwear in a closet" but I'm going to wear shorts because it is a little too much for me to watch myself in underwear as I edit. :)


  1. love it.

    i think it is a different film.

    now you have two films...


  2. loving this!

    and yes i agree...two films!

  3. Nice piece, wonderfully conceived and edited (time warped?). By manipulating time, you also disengaged gravity.